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In a society which clamors for simplified “personal branding”, Nunzi resists the pigeonhole. Her answer to branding is “I guess you’ll just have to brand me as a chameleon”.

Gay, insane, drug-addicted, criminal, virginal, blind, gypsy, terminally ill, S&M goth, a 50’s diva, a female boxer and a precocious 6-year old – all these describe Annunziata Gianzero’s recent film, TV and theatre roles. In fact, she is perhaps best distinguished by her versatility and her resistance to be typecast, in acting and in life.


“Actress Annunziata Gianzero is a sex goddess whose explosive performance firmly establishes her as a face to watch”

Film Threat

“Gianzero is a striking and grounding presence.”

Entertainment Today

“Annunziata Gianzero is a screen presence worth watching for in future assignments.”

“Gianzero, a talented and beautiful actress, shows a good range of emotions over the course of the film. She’s warm and inviting, but can also turn on some rage when she needs to…The actress is convincing as a world-class violinist…Gianzero brings humanity to a role that could easily have retreated into a parody.”

“It seems the thing about the shotgun and the unpronounceable name has a lot of you worked up. As her picture was in the window on Halloween night, some ladies were wondering who her personal trainer is. There’s nothing like ripped biceps and slomo smoking shells flying from a street sweeper shotgun to get your rush going.”

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